Posted by: wolfcampcollege | January 14, 2010

Wolf Journey Adults in Olympia

Six of us had the downstairs cafe in the library to ourselves last night, sitting under a beautiful piece of cedar artwork in Northwest Native design depicting salmon and, well, we’re not absolutely sure what’s in the middle; maybe bear eating them up!

We started by quizzing ourselves on previous earth skills knowledge in order to set a baseline from which to begin, and then we introduced ourselves which showed a great set of experience, but also a wonderful sense of comaraderie even though we had just met.

We learned to process fireweed for cordage, starting with dried stocks over a year old, splitting them down the center and flattening them out before starting to peel away the innards, leaving the fibrous skin layer which we turned into rope using the “reverse wrap” method you normally find in small manufactured rope.

While working on the cordage, Chris shared the importance of finding a single study site, and showed how Wolf Journey field exercises can be done between classes. Last, we went around and shared what topics we would most like to learn during upcoming classes, then took a short nighttime nature walk, getting to know trees on campus. Beautiful windy rainy night!

Check out our OLYMPIA WOLF JOURNEY CLASS page for a list of upcoming class dates there and in other locations throughout Western Washington.


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