Posted by: wolfcampcollege | January 21, 2010

Wolf Journey Adults in Olympia

Ready for Class

The same wonderful people arrived for another great class yesterday evening. I guess I’d better put the word out beyond the 10-member site we have for Olympia, and maybe by spring we’ll have another twice as many great students as part of this pilot class.

We began spinning raffia into cordage, and I gave Joe a sample of a cedar hook-and-line that I thought he might like duplicate. Kim put the cedar bark we brought into a bathroom sink for later use. Once everyone was working on cordage, we discussed thoughts that came up as a result of filling out the last week, and then we discussed core routines” of an earth skills practitioner</a>.

I hesitantly asked if anyone had looked for a study site, and to my delight, everyone had been thinking about it and even looking. Madeline and Dallen had taken a walk into nature and found a couple good spots. Elise had been deciding between her yard and somewhere along the route she walks every evening with her dog. Joe was thinking he would be ready to move his old yard site to somewhere closer to Mud Bay if I understood it right. And Kim is thinking about the area between our house and the new pond the city plans to dig in the field to the north.

Fox Walking with Wide Angle Vision

Then I shared my study site experience including show-and-tell with samples of the hazel and alder catkins, as well as willow buds, that you can see in yesterday’s blog entry. I gave everyone an abbreviated hand-out of , a hand-out on pitfalls of finding a study site, and an introduction to the herbalism from since we’ll be launching into wild edibles next week.

Identifying Plants with the Bear Nose

Finally, we fox-walked across campus toward our cars, adding owl-eyes to the mix as well as some other skills introduced in . I then introduced our forthcoming by-request wild edibles class(es) with a Bear Nose exercise from that chapter, and everyone was pretty good at identifying plants by smell! Can’t wait for next week. Until then, enjoy the warm January we’re having.

Check out our OLYMPIA WOLF JOURNEY CLASS page for a list of upcoming class dates there and in other locations throughout Western Washington.


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