Posted by: wolfcampcollege | February 7, 2010

Compost Tub, Soil Sampling, Garden Delineation

Skip & Helen joined Kim and me for a mellow day after yesterday’s big survival workshop. We set up our compost bin under the protection of rhododendrons and inside an old cast-iron tub that Kim’s grandmother used for planting flowers. We hunted for worms to add to the mix of soil, food waste and wood shavings that should keep the smell down while also working to create compost.

Kim, Chris (with soil sample bags in hand), Skye, Helen & Skip in front of compost tub and wheel barrows full of old potting soil.

Next we talked about moving our herb garden from inside the driveway circle since that area worked so well as an outdoor classroom, and thought about making the side patio area an herbal extravaganza in pots as well as directly into the soil. We also delineated a couple areas for vegetable gardens, and took soil samples in those areas to find out their mineral content as well as ph/acidity levels, which is key to finding out what we can grow here around so many wetlands. We also talked about expanding our orchards back toward the fence, adding more blueberries since they produce so well here, another couple apple trees, some pear trees, more plums, putting raspberries along the fence, and edging the rest of the hard with serviceberries/saskatoons among other ideas.

Join us next month, on March 7th, for the 3rd in our series of Sustainable Pioneering & Herb Gardeing workshops, just $10-$15 this spring, and see for our itinerary and registration information.

Check out our list of HERBACULTURE WORKSHOPS once-a-month on Sunday Afternoons during the Academic Year.



  1. Hey! Wonderful, Chris! This looks great. Just a thought – we’ve had the most success when the compost was ventilated – did you drill any holes in the tub? (which is almost a shame) But there are a thousand ways to do compost – let me know how this one turns out!

  2. Thanks for the comments Lorien! And thanks for the ventilation suggestion. I’ll put some hoses down into it or something. We just wanted to use the tub for something but assume our compost will eventually move out of there when it gets hopping. Would you and Scott be available to work this summer, and if so, for how many weeks in a row?

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