Posted by: wolfcampcollege | February 17, 2010

Eating Fresh Nettles and Taste Testing Pine Order Teas

We had another new student this evening, a veterinarian from Lacey who met Skye and was impressed by her health at age 10, which made Kim and me proud parents. Oh, what did we do at class? Well, first we got everyone going on making cordage, then I shared about the Sharp-Shinned Hawk visiting my study site as I was mapping it (see previous blog post), and everyone took turns introducing themselves while sharing what happened out in nature for them this week. Dallen felt great about taking his grandson to visit his great-grandmother, whom he showed the medicince pouch he made last class and also how to make cordage. But mostly, Dallen felt great about how interested his grandson was in Dallen’s outdoor experience, which is vast.

Enjoying our selection of Pine Order Teas while investigating a new group study site.

Next, everyone learned how to eat raw nettles, seeing that if you break down the stinging hairs first, it’s an incredibly tasty (and very nutritionial) treat that’s a bit like spinach, only citrusy. Then we harvested branches of Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock Tree, and Lodgepole Shore Pine to add to the Sitka Spruce and Noble Fir branches that Kim had brought in order to conduct a taste test. Everyone chose a different favorite, all with great qualities of providing Vitimin C and other nutritional benefits. We steeped our selections in hot water, and enjoyed tasty teas before checking out another potential group study site where we found dock and some other interesting plants growing.

Next week, it’s on to discover a great wild root vegetable that has some serious poisonous look-alikes! Check out our OLYMPIA WOLF JOURNEY CLASS page for a list of upcoming class dates there and in other locations throughout Western Washington.


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