Posted by: wolfcampcollege | March 8, 2010

Class at the Urban Longhouse

The bellingham class met tonight and, with apologies to Aimee, Chris W., Judy, Krista and Gene, Kim and I forgot to take pictures, so I think I’ll just talk about the setting instead. The Urban Longhhouse is a creation of Gene Tagaban who deserves an introduction as long as it takes to say “hi” in Tlinget so there’s not enough space here:) but if you want to get blown over by incredible music, story, dance, spirit, and genuine communication, check out his website at

The Urban Longhouse is a place to learn, experience and change through the teachings and performances of the Indigenous people, and it is open for public rental to those who would like to support its mission through contributions. As you can see in the picture, it’s a beautiful space, but no picture can do justice to how it feels in there. I guess the best way I can describe it is that the century-old, old-growth fir floorboards resonate with story, song and dance. Even the multi-media recording studio that caretaker Travis Jordan has set up adds to the wonderful feel. It’s like everything good can be created here and then sent out from Bellingham to the world. Check it out at

Check out our BELLINGHAM WOLF JOURNEY CLASS page for more information.


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